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My T-Shirt’s Got An Attitude Problem

So, I was wondering what it’d be like if I could tell a story with my dressing; if I could make people laugh, or cry, or smile, or encourage them; if i could help them find strength for one more day, one more hour, with the clothes that I wear.

This isn’t dressing the way I want to be addressed. It’s dressing to address people, issues. I did it just because I can. No. I did it because everyone needs a t-shirt that can speak to their soul. And they need to see that t-shirt sitting smugly on the crazy-in-a-good-way, slightly eccentric Teenage Church teacher who won’t just let them have a bad day in peace! Lol.

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Bottled Water Designs

Lately, I’ve been quite busy designing. Yeah, these days mostly, that is what I do for a living. The brief was to come up with as many possible designs as is feasible so I set to work. First the logo had to come. Then the bottle designs. Then the visualization. Most of it is work in ┬áprogress though. Share your thoughts.