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Hi. My name is Okang and this blog is just a collection of my many random thoughts and a few of the things I like.

I am a wordsmith or wordscultptor, if you please, (writer is becoming dated). Music, songwriting, graphic and interior design, custom t-shirts, poetry, the quest for knowledge and learning; those are all my hobbies.

I write poetry, maybe because I like the beauty of words and how even the simplest ones can move the most complex of beings. Or maybe it’s because I am very good with words and it’d be a shame to waste all that talent.

I like music, for the pleasure it gives the soul, but especially for it’s capacity to transcend demographic divides and speak to people in a universal language. I like the fact that I can exploit this tool and get my message across whenever I want. Wherever I want.

I like to meet people, to interact, to build relationships, to exchange ideas and sharpen them with intellectual intercourse and productive conversation, perhaps because when I sharpen them, they sharpen me and grow me, or maybe I just like to talk to people because they find me interesting?

I like beauty and creativity, the thrill of being an innovative maverick, the pleasure of knowing that my brainchild is the fixation of my audience. I like being different; the good kind of different, the interesting kind of different.

I like reading and I love to study people. It teaches me how to live, or maybe how not to live. I like to push the envelope, to find solutions. Maybe that’s the reason I picked up chess and Sudoku.

I like challenges; they bring out the best in me. Or perhaps I’m a perfectionist and an incurable optimist. Or maybe it’s just the undying faith in my soul that the task before me is never as great as the force behind me.

One thought on “About Me

  1. David Babale says:

    Nice one Okang ARABA… I seldom get really intrigued by words spoken or written around here not because I am xenocentric but severally cos of the lack of depth and creativity. Here I see an exception to the norm, a bright and shine light of what leadership ought to possess. I am impressed and inspired. Keep Up the Good Work Man! Dv

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