We’ve Moved!


Hello! it’s been a while and we haven’t been here in a long time. You see, we’ve moved.

We moved from {ashiwel.wordpress.com} to {ashiwel.com}; we thought that might be easier to remember. We’ve posted a bunch of new stuff up there that everyone seems to love, but we noticed you hadn’t dropped by so we thought we’d come say hello and invite you over.

We hope you will like the new site better. If you’d like to catch up on what we’ve been up to, start with Breakup Lines Part 01.

Theres a follow button at the bottom of the page; click that and save your email, and you will never miss a post from us again. We look forward to seeing you.


One thought on “We’ve Moved!

  1. moyosoluwa says:

    don’t I just love Ashiwel. well I do, Unashamedly Numero Uno fan.

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