The Brokenness Of Longing

dawn broke
and my heart broke with it.
suddenly i become empty
and my soul aches when
i call your name.

the sunrise feels your absence
and the sofa mourns.
dawn is beautiful like a sad virgin,
you’re not here but i call your

i glow with longing
as the roses lose their color
and angels came to comfort me
but they cried when they
heard our song.
did you know angels cry blue

all the words i should’ve said to you
the love songs i should’ve sung.
they echo in my head tonight,
and the sun fades with our promises.

dawn breaks and the beauty
reminds me of sadness.
gold rays become monochrome blue,
and i’d give up poetry for your

my senses perceive you,
in the wind, in the air, the fire;
your scent is in the breeze tonight
and maybe if hope strikes heaven’s
chords right,
tomorrow my longing will end.

silence hurts.
words hurt too.
i’m stuck in the middle and
the middle hurts too.
i confess that i long for you.

One thought on “The Brokenness Of Longing

  1. Madame says:

    One word, twice. wow.

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