Never Broken

So. This poetry thing and everybody carrying on about publishing a book of my poems and letting the world see my incredible talent, (thanks); I decided to give myself some motivation and design the cover for my book  – if I ever get around to publishing one.

I did this all day today. And now, I have too many choices to choose from, so I’m hoping if you dropped by, you could hep me choose. And remember, you can always find my poetry online by pointing your browser to Here we go:

6 thoughts on “Never Broken

  1. debo says:

    Think i lyk d yellow &black background, &maybe d last one (dont know wat color 2call dat)

  2. Bayo says:

    The red or the blue is what I’ll go for. The ones that are in silhouette do not convey the kind of message of resilience and calmness one gets from the ones which show your shut eyes and side face. Get this published fast o. We are waiting

  3. monago oge says:

    I love the all blue…its inspiring n makes me wanna grab it.

  4. Molash says:

    i think i’d go with “never broken 6”. i duno, but it seems to project strength more than the others.

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